Coaching helps to unlock a person’s potential and helps you change in the way you wish and helps you go in the right direction. Coaching supports you at every level in becoming who you want to be and builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change. Coaching helps you achieve your goals in life. You can learn, develop and grow by building the skills and behaviours required to make progress towards your goals.

Advantages of Coaching

  • Increased emotional regulation.
  • Greater self-awareness.
  • Increase in stress management.
  • Positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • More effective communication skills.
  • Stronger relationships
  • Self-discovery explored in-depth.
  • Improved work performance.
  • Individual accountability

The Personal Consultancy Model

In the personal consultancy model of coach-therapy integration, there are four specified stages: being heard, the starting point and basis for the other stages; finding your balance; focusing on identifying helpful and unhelpful patterns to determine what you want to work towards; moving forward, focusing on the desired future and, finally, supporting to enable you to reach towards your goals.

Counselling or coaching can be used successively and distinctively but flexibly, allowing the fullness of these approaches. For example, revisiting the being heard stage throughout the engagement may help you process what has happened in other stages and bolster the therapeutic relationship.

The personal consultancy offers an integrated framework, a model of therapeutic coaching to address a wide range of needs. Authentic listening, rebalancing, generating, and supporting are used flexibly in a collaborative process focused on your aspirations and tackling the underlying causes of problems to enable you to move forward.

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