Energy Healing

Energy healing is a complementary approach based on the belief that our bodies have energy flowing through them, and that healing can come from helping to balance this flow.

All living things including human beings have a constantly vibrating electro-magnetic or energy field within and around them. The field consists of different 'layers' with different purposes and which vibrate at different frequencies. People with strong and vibrant energy fields generally experience better physical, mental and emotional health and have a greater zest for life.

Our thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs and so on all have energy signatures which are constantly flowing through and interacting with our personal energy fields. This is also true of energy exchanges coming from the outside world and other people. All people and things are continually interacting with each other and are interconnected by energy fields which act independently of time and space. As an energy healer I am able to bring awareness to subtle energies and detect energetic blockages and disturbances to direct and clear energies that are causing harm in order to support better physical, mental and emotional health.

Any imbalances or blocks in our energy field can contribute to emotional challenges, physical pain or illness, limiting life patterns, and other unwanted conditions in a person's life. Everybody stores trauma differently and over time, retained memories can interfere with the function of your physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. Your future is no longer determined by the trauma of your past when you rewrite your neural pathways for greater harmony for your mind and body.

Energy Healing Advantages

Physically Healthy

Your systems are restored to a state of optimal functioning and free from physical health challenges.

Mentally Balanced

You’ll feel happier and more optimistic, with a better balanced outlook on life, free from the past mental health challenges.

Emotionally Connected

You’ll feel more deeply connected to those around you, experience more love, empathy, and gratitude in your daily life.

Spiritually Aligned

You’ll feel more authentic, connected, purposeful with a deep knowing that you are moving in the right direction.

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